ADS 80 FR 30

The door and wall construction for multi-purpose applications, which has been tested in accordance with European standards (EN 1364 / 1634) and German standards (DIN 4102), fulfils all the requirements of fire protection classes EI30 (T30 / F30) and EW30 (G30)

The series is based on highly stable 5-chamber hollow profiles with a basic depth of 80 mm and is also suitable for generous clear openings. In conjunction with optional fittings components, tailor-made multi-purpose doors can be created to meet additional requirements for building security and automation, e.g. burglar resistance up to RC 3, panic function, safety barrier loading, access control and sound reduction. Floor-to-ceiling, large glass formats and fixed glazing for indoor use that is suitable for safety barrier loading are also possible.

For special requirements such as those applicable to exits in nurseries, Schüco offers solutions for fire and smoke protection which ensure that the emergency exit door function is triggered using a door handle with an installation height of 1500 mm. Anti-finger-trap doors can also be installed. In addition, the use of profile-integrated door closers with a free swing function enables easy-access openings, which can also be used by smaller children or older people without any problems.