4SL 1600ttSL 1600tt

The brand new sliding system from Ponzio - SL1600tt is one of the best among sliding systems present in the market. Created as an answer to customers demands has excellently composed in the market.
SL1600tt characterizes with high technical standards, which allows to assembly constructions of good stiffness and of great dimensions. Even constructions with 6 wings, each with the weight up to 400kg may be created. Maximal height of the wing is 3400mm. Nominal depth of wings profiles is 67mm and nominal depth of fixed frame is 160mm for 2 tracks and 247mm for 3 tracks. The glass of thickness up to 50mm may be applied. SL1600tt is a system of very good thermal parameters. According to thermal insulation parameters, customers are provided with three variants: standard, PLUS and HI. In the best thermal insulated version HI, thermal insulation coefficient for frame Uf starts with the value 1,8 W/m2K.